How to be a morning person

How to be a morning personContrary to popular belief, being a morning person is entirely plausible for anyone. Like many of our daily choices, struggling with rising in the morning is simply a habit and like all habits, it can be broken. I’ve heard many state that they lack motivation to get up earlier or are just not a ‘morning person’. However, what these people fail to realise is that early risers are only practicing habits; they don’t think about getting up- they just do it.

What most of this falls down to is ensuring you are sleeping enough. Receiving the adequate amount of sleep is vital for your wellbeing and overall health. Many fail to understand the importance of this, despite sleep deprivation known as a method of torture. A lack of sleep can cause long lasting effects on your health. It is the lack of sleep that causes so many to claim that they cannot be a morning person.

Any proclivity will take time and effort, however, these are the two factors which make it entirely endurable. Here are my six tips on how to become a morning person.

How to be a morning personCreate a schedule 

Start by setting yourself a bedtime. Your first thought to this advice might be ‘I’m not seven years old’, yet having a bedtime is very important. You are creating a new routine which should give you 7-8 hours to sleep.

I recommend making a list of alerts on your phone. For example:

9:30 pm- Switch of all devices and finish off any last minute work

10:00 pm- Start getting ready for bed

10:30 pm- Get into bed, lights off!

These alerts will work as a reminder to get ready for bed where you may be otherwise distracted from your favourite show on television.

I personally found this really difficult in the initial stages of changing my night time routine. As someone that fought tooth and nail to stay up longer as a child and that detests following the rules and having a routine, my personality isn’t very compatible with this method. Nonetheless, understanding that I am only damaging my health and causing the struggle of getting up earlier, I came to terms that this method is vital for becoming a morning person.

It is good to remember that this routine should not be inflexible for your lifestyle. You should be strict but find a balance. If you go out with the girls a few nights per week, then it is acceptable to ignore your alerts. If you can’t fall asleep at your set bedtime and can afford to sleep in the next morning then staying up longer to relax yourself is ok. Life happens and this is advice works best when the shift is gradual, anyway.

How to be a morning personSet an alarm

If the above method isn’t feeling effective then start by setting a morning schedule instead. (This is a great method to apply along with the night schedule and doesn’t make a difference which step you start with.)

It can be difficult to suddenly start waking up early, especially if its hours before your usual time. Moreover, it is likely this will cause your mood to lower and will result in you disliking your morning schedule. and giving up. Thus, a good way to avoid this is to set an alarm that is fifteen minuets earlier than your average rising time. After four days, set your alarm back another fifteen minuets and continue until you arrive at your desired time. This method is very effective as it eases you into waking up early.

How to be a morning personStop hitting snooze

Hopefully, the previous method will ensure you don’t hit the snooze button. It may seem like an innocent act or good way to catch a few extra z’s but it can actually have negative impacts. It can make you feel groggier by interrupting your body’s natural sleep cycles. Moreover, it’s a negative way to start the day as you are reacting to your environment causing you to be defensive.

If you find it difficult not to hit the snooze each morning, place your phone somewhere else before getting into bed. Ensure you can’t easily reach it, especially in the morning. Most likely, when your alarm blares next time, you’ll be forced to get out of bed to turn it off and will decide to go about the rest of your day since you are now up.

How to be a morning person Turn the screens off

Stop looking at your phone and other devices before going to bed. Yes, social media is great for inspiration and to feed your obsession. However, staring at your phone and browsing the internet is very stimulating- your mind will struggle to switch off and relax. It is also known to interrupt sleeping patterns and encourages low sleep quality causing you to wake up and feel unrested.

When you find yourself picking up your phone, shift your attention to something else. A book is a great alternative and ensure you have placed your phone out of reach. Not only will this stop you from hitting that snooze button in the morning, but it will prevent you from scouring the internet as well. Remember that you aren’t missing out on anything that you can’t see ten hours later.

How to be a morning personExercise first thing

Moving your body first thing in the morning, is an amazing way to start the day. Even if you still feel sleepy from just waking up, simply doing a few crunches can instantly wake you up and make you feel energised.

Research shows that will power is strongest in the morning and progressively depletes over the course of the day. Therefore, it is more likely you will actually do your workout if you schedule to hit the gym in the A.M. This doesn’t need to be a two hour gruelling workout in the gym, in fact such an intensive workout is not recommended by health professions. A 30 minute workout in your living room following a workout scheme or fitness video is all that is required.

How to be a morning personDo something positive

Whilst working out in the morning can be very effective for many, it is not for everyone. Some will prefer scheduling  their daily exercise at other times of the day. fortunately there are many other positive activities to carry out in the morning instead.

Research reveals that getting out of bed on the right foot can impact your moo for the entire day. In addition, if you find your new schedule is proving to create positive effects on your overall day, you are more likely to become a morning person. Perhaps you could try meditation, reading some uplifting blog posts or listening to an inspiring TED talk. It could even be something simpler such as enjoying a delicious hearty breakfast or a good cup of coffee.

How to be a morning person

Mornings can be rough. It can be difficult to wake up early and take on the day. Whilst many of us are convinced that being a morning person is unobtainable, it is entirely possible. Even if you work best in the late hours of the night, you can still train yourself to be an early riser and with these methods you have all the knowledge required to achieve this.

How to be a morning personDo you have a morning routine?


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