How to look like a million bucks this new years eve

How to look like a million bucks this new years eveLets be honest with ourselves: In a nutshell December thirty-first is all about fancy outfits paired with beautiful shoes that kill your feet, an excessive amount of glitter and confetti, an overflow of alcohol and lip locking at midnight. It’s also the time for those ‘YOLO’ moments, where credit cards are broken on the actual eve or perhaps even before the night has started in attempts to hack the perfect outfit.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to blow up your bank account for your outfit to look expensive. Times have changed and with the over saturated world of fashion there’s literally something out there for every occasion, with a price tag thats’ digits aren’t in the hundreds and thousands. Here’s how to dress expensive for New Years Eve without leaving yourself in the red…

How to look like a million bucks this new years eve

A Little Black Dress (LBD)

I know this is something that has been done to death and you may be rolling your eyes at how cliche this seems. However, there’s a reason why everyone is always barking out about the little black dress. The LBD is your ultimate timeless wardrobe staple: it’s something that will never go out of style.

Make sure you don’t chose one that is cut two inches below the line of ‘too short’ as this may look too ‘modern’ and will not have the classic feel you should be focusing on. Also, take a note of the quality of the garment.  What often sets apart expensive designer pieces from lower end knock offs is the quality of the product.

I went for a satin dress as this adds a beautiful shine which exudes glamour. Be careful when choosing a piece made with rayon or acrylic fabric as this tends to look cheap. Make sure you iron your clothes before wear and don’t forget to cut off any loose threads!

How to look like a million bucks this new years eve

How to look like a million bucks this new years eve


Tailored Pieces

More often than not, the cut of a pant leg or sleeve of a blazer gets overlooked yet it can make a huge difference in your silhouette. There are no two bodies that are the exact same and as we all know too well, there are dozens of different body shapes – often relating to some sort of fruit. It’s no wonder that most women can’t find a dress or blazer that fits them perfectly! This is where a tailor can come in. Having clothing that fits you perfectly, instantly gives your clothes a more higher-market feel towards them.

I made sure that the dress I chose was fitted at the waist as this enhances my hourglass figure and gives a tailored look further exemplified by the panels.


Dress in tonal colours

Not only is it incredibly elongating, but a monochrome outfit always looks intentional and put together. (but only if  your whites are bright and your blacks match!) Nudes, beiges and monochromatic tones are colours that will always stay in style. Choosing timeless colours with modest cuts will refer to old hollywood glamour and can give vibes comparable to the likes of Marilyn Monroe. I found that my particular look reminded me of Audrey Hepburn with the slick black elegant style of the black dress.How to look like a million bucks this new years eve

The Red Lip

Tasteful makeup will add instant glamour to your look so ensure that you’re not caking the products on. A highlighter is highly recommended as this will leave you looking luminescent and radiating a healthy glow. I highly recommend the Feeling Younger Skin Tint for it’s incredible glow as you can see in this shoot. Don’t plaster your foundation on or layer your eyeshadows too heavily but keep everything light and elegant. A red lip is the perfect choice for making your look seem expensive as this is often associated with hollywood glamour: the ultimate allure for looking like a million bucks. Use a lip brush for accurate application and ensure the edges are sharp and shapely. Chose a deeper red lipstick for the perfect prestigious pout that will up the class on your whole look. I wore Illamasqua’s Maneater.

How to look like a million bucks this new years eveHow to look like a million bucks this new years eve




A little bit of sparkle

Whatever your outfit consists of, adding some expensive looking jewellery guarantees to take you look to the next level. What’s great about most jewellery is that you don’t need to be flaunting your 20 carat diamond ring that costs over two grand. It just needs to look expensive. The biggest giveaway for cheap looking jewellery is if the metal looks too shiny so try and look for pieces that have slightly darker colouring. Stay clear of plastic gemstones, particularly if they are in the neon variety. This risks looking very cheap. Therefore, it is best to choose clear crystals which will enhance the glamour of your look. I’m a big lover of silver diamonds as they are classic and will always look extortionate and their white colouring ensures that it will always match my outfit.

One more important note on this subject is to be aware of the dreaded green colouring. In the realm of inexpensive jewellery this is the most common mistake. To avoid this look for jewellery made of gold vermeil, which won’t leave colour residue on your skin. Steer clear of copper, nickel, and gold-plated jewellery!

How to look like a million bucks this new years eve

Match your Accessories

When in doubt, keeping your accessories in the same colour palette will ensure your look comes off as intentional, not haphazard. Make sure your bag and shoes match and they work with your jewellery. Although my heels offer silver embellishments and my bag is framed with rose gold, they are dominated by black so the pairing is still compatible.

I chose satin heels to further twin with my dress. Furthermore, my shoe choice also included the most incredible silver embellishments on the heel. This can be a risky choice as over embellished pieces are likely to look tacky even when the price tag is high. To succeed stick with black as this is the colour of class and silver embellishments are more likely to look sophisticated. As a quick added note, remember that a shoe without a platform always looks the chicest and a clean classic shape is more extravagant.

How to look like a million bucks this new years eve


Dress: Black Bow pleated prom dress

Heels: Embellished satin peep toes

Bag: Ted Baker Glitter bow evening bag

What are you wearing for new years eve?