7 classic closet pieces to wear this autumn

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7  pieces to add to your Autumn Wardrobe


that will inspire you to be greater than you were yesterday


As the leaves begin to change colour, so too should your wardrobe. However, the seasonal shift from Summer to Autumn can come with some wardrobe challenges that can leave anyone feeling a little stumped. Fortunately, being born and raised in northern England has made me an expert for dressing at this time of the year and I’ve learnt the hard way which transformation pieces will be your saviour. However, with so many bloggers claiming which wardrobe essentials you really need for autumn and even posting one myself last year, it can feel a little repetitive and unhelpful. This is why I wanted to talk about classic pieces instead which you can keep in your closet year in, year out.

If you’re new to Eternally Elle, then I must inform you that you have stumbled upon a blogger who adores timeless fashion with whimsical twists and preaches self-confidence, empowerment and adding depth to the superficial world of fashion. I believe it is important to turn away from fast-fashion and following fad trends, instead looking at every piece as an investment. Therefore, I wanted to share with you seven pieces which take me through the Autumn season and the transition from Summer, that are timeless, classy staples guaranteed to stay in your wardrobe for years to come. Moreover, pieces which can bring out the best in you or inspire you to be greater. Fashion should be more than just clothes and here are seven styles to persuade you otherwise…


The Black Beret

It’s no secret that I adore a good hat and berets are key for this time of the year. (Particularly one in black as it can go with any outfit!) They’re chic, classic and give the wearer this notion that they ooze confidence. They also keep your head warm but not to the extent of a knitted winter hat with pom-poms. On a deeper note, the beret is the ultimate sartorial symbol of ‘wokeness’; a revolutionary accessory. The beret is associated with power, whether this be to stay composed in the windy autumnal weather, keeping your hair in place or to look immaculate whilst you conquer the world.

If you take a peak into the history of the beret you’ll find it went from military uniform to creative beatniks, however, from the 1960’s onwards it was used as a form of political rebellion courtesy of Che Guevara. Moving to the present day, us youngsters are the woke generation; informed,   

questioning and passionate about change. As we all know, it is fashionable now to be socially conscious, to campaign, to be outspoken and to be politically engaged. The beret’s history renders it the ultimate symbol of wokeness; of the current popular stream of thought. It is the hat worn by those who want to take a stand, whether this be political or to enter the corner of savvy and assertive with your outfit. Yet, with all that baggage, it is also perceived as classically elaborate and discreetly  whimsical. All of which, resonate perfectly with my own personal style and everything I voice to you on this blog.

If you want to look ‘woke’ or add some whimsy to your outfit, then the Beret should be at the top of your fashion list. Just make sure the one you pick up isn’t wool! 

Cruelty free faux wool Beret

Burberry Inspired Trench for the Conscious Fashion Lover | Ethical trench coat with tartan print - burberry designer alternative for the vegan - by Eternally Elle
ethical trench coat| 7 classic closet pieces to wear this autumn by Eternally Elle

Tartan trench

Burberry have lead the way with trench coats for decades, making them the ultimate wardrobe staple. Practical and chic, the trench is the fashion investment that will see you through season after season and they are particularly great at seeing you through the seasonal shifts.

I personally find the change from summer to autumn very difficult as it is easily the most unpredictable time of the year, here in England. One day, it’s boiling hot, the next it’s windy and unforgiving. Therefore, the trench becomes my best friend as the reliant transition piece I desperately need, day in, day out and by looking at my photos, I’m sure you can see why. 

Not only does a trench keep you looking polished but it’s rain resistant, promises to keep you warm- but not too warm- and light enough that it’s not a bug-bear to carry if the universe has decided to make a joke and given me a summer day in September. (Believe me, it happens more than you can imagine.)

As we all know, Tartan is the print which defines Autumn/ Winter. Christmas vibes anyone? Therefore, I thought this trench coat, with the check detail on the cuff and collar, was simply perfect. The information on this garment literally says ‘for unpredictable weather conditions’ which is essentially what this time of year is all about. Moreover, the checkered detailing is tastefully done so as to not overthrow any outfit I piece together and pulls me into the Autumnal mood; A mood which can be difficult to get into when it’s miserable outside.

Mango mac with contrast check cuff

Vendula London Cottage Winter Bag | Unique Vegan ethical Bag review by fashion blogger - Eternally Elle .jpg

A Statement bag

Classy fashion is essentially made up of pieces with minimal detailing, usually in neutral tones. Therefore, this amazing cottage bag doesn’t really fit in with timeless fashion but this reason is the sole purpose that I had to include a uniquely designed bag into my list. Whilst I absolutely adore the classic style, it can be very easy to fall into the ‘hole of boring’ and if you’re not prepared with a ladder of knowledge, you’re left crawling out with your bare-hands, ruining your newly painted nails. Yikes! You see, adding a whimsical twist to a classy look can bring more interest and personality.

Every woman needs a statement bag in her wardrobe and I truly believe that Vendula London is the best place to go. Never have I seen a brand with such original pieces and with their vegan philosophy to make every bag cruelty

free, you’re essentially putting your money towards an amazing cause. Furthermore, if you’re looking for a statement piece to fill your wardrobe this season, I think their cottage design with: falling leaves, a burning fireplace and a pair of wellies, all in the traditional colours of the season, is the perfect embodiment for this time of the year.

Perhaps I’m raving a little too much about this brand but since discovering them earlier this year, I’ve found myself continuously excited with an urge to share my findings. As pre-warned on my detailed review, this blog will see a lot of Vendula and their peta approved bags because finding products that cater to my cruelty free, vegan lifestyle, are well-made and unique can be like finding a needle in a haystack!

Vegan Winter Cottage Grab Bag C/O

Dark Red Wine jumper with pussbow and peter pan collar and tweed classy -skort skirt shorts- plaid print | Dabuwawa review | 7 classic closet pieces to wear this autumn by Eternally Elle
Whimsical Autumn outfit Inspiration | red jumper with bow and peter pan collar and tweed classy -skort skirt shorts- plaid print | Dabuwawa review by Eternally Elle

Knitted Jumper

A jumper in the colder months is rather obvious but there is a fine line between fast-fashion jumpers and classic ones guaranteed to sit in your closet for decades and never age. The latter can be hard to come by but thankfully I found the one with all the right design elements which you can use as a foundation to find other timeless jumpers to see you through this Autumn season.

I have a love hate relationship when it comes to jumpers. My body type doesn’t work well with loose fitting clothes and is weighed down with thick fabrics- two components which define most jumpers on the market. Thus, it can be difficult for me to find one that will not only flatter my figure but will cater to my personal tastes as well. As a peter pan collar enthusiast, I don’t need to tell you how happy I was when I stumbled upon this light knitted jumper, which hugs my figure perfectly.

Made by one of my favourite designers, this jumper has an attachable collar with a pussybow, which is the answer to all my prayers. If you’ve ever had a piece of clothing which has two different fabrics in different colours you’ll know my pain upon finding the colours bleed over time in the washing machine. I find this happens with almost any piece of clothing, no matter the quality. Thus, having a detachable collar will prevent this, resulting in the reassurance that this baby will be in my closet for years to come. (Downside, the collar is attached with buttons which fall off occasionally and can be a tad annoying.)

Of course, quality over quantity is my motto when it comes to building my perfect wardrobe so the jumper is made with high quality fabric and the sewing is immaculate. Also, the red is the perfect shade for my tastes and I doubt I could find a jumper I love more. 

Red pullover knitted jumper with collar

Dabuwawa Red Wine Sweater Jumper with Pussybow and peter pan collar | 7 classic closet pieces to wear this autumn by Eternally Elle


These little neck ties are my ultimate OTP (One true pairing) when it comes to any collared top. They are infinitely chic; achieving the perfect balance of classy ladylike and whimsical feminine, completing any look with ease. Although the one I’m wearing came with the jumper, I own a clip-on which I couldn’t recommend more to all of my readers. It can be easily added to any collar and takes your outfit to the next level.

The reason why I love pussybows so much – other than their classic ladylike demeanour- is that the history of the pussybow is rich with female empowerment. Although I find it quite humorous that the pussybow came

from kitten collars (hence the name), this floppy neck tie took on a new life from the likes of Coco Chanel and YSL, where it was worn by strong, independent women. Evolving over the years into today’s times where it has become a symbol of alliance with women at the forefront of medical politics around the world. Therefore, when you wear a pussybow, you’re standing with generations of women before you. Wear it with pride, feel empowered and know it will never go out of style.

Can you think of anything more classically liberating to wear this autumn? I can’t.

Clip-on Pussybow

Empowering the Woke Woman through fashion| 7 classic closet pieces to wear this autumn by Eternally Elle
Whimsical Autumn Outfit Inspiration | tweed classy -skort skirt shorts- plaid print | Dabuwawa review | 7 classic closet pieces to wear this autumn by Eternally Elle

Tweed Everything

Sorry, it looks like you’ve made a wrong turn and went back to blogging 2013 where the skort was all the rage -but hey!- Despite the occasional mention of trends, I’ve never been one to advise following them and certainly never intentionally followed one myself. After all, I see fashion as an art-form and an outlet to express ones’ self and not something to sought out for the approval of others, or create waste with impulsive buys courtesy of fast fashion. Therefore, I’m bringing the skort back and it has quickly became one of my favourite things to wear. Ever. Admittedly, this is my first time wearing a skort and for those of you whom are feeling utterly clueless, it’s the combination of a skirt at the front, and shorts in the back. Resulting in all the wonders of wearing a skirt without having to worry about flashing anyone. #keepingitclassy

I’ve been crushing on this particular design for quite some time now but was waiting to get it on sale. (Oh, hello 55% off, I love you!) I’ve became a fast lover of tweed but as a Vegan, it can be challenging to find one that isn’t made of wool and causing innocent sheep unmeasurable amounts of pain. Thankfully, my favourite Chinese brand, Dabuwawa, heard my cries and made the most beautifully crafted plaid tweed skort in wine red, (My favourite shade of red. Swoon!) and made of high quality Acrylic and polyester. *insert an infinite amount of heart eye emojis here.

Tweed adds an air of heritage chic to your wardrobe, keeping you warm in the nippy autumn weather and thanks to the likes of Coco Chanel, is related to classy fashion. Making it the perfect fool-proof investment for your wardrobe as it will never go out of style. Pair that with the skort, a fashion piece resistant to the windy weather and you have the ultimate weapon for any October day. Oh, and it’s also in a fine plaid print AKA the print which practically defines Autumn. So you’ve really got a triple whammy on your hands. 

Double breasted plaid tweed skort in red wine

Wills vegan Shoes and Vendula London Cottage Winter Bag | Unique Vegan ethical Bag review by fashion blogger - Eternally Elle

Brogue ankle boots

You really can’t go wrong with a pair of ankle boots. More so if they are in brogue style. Why? Well, not only are they very comfortable and usually made to be very weather-resistant, if you are wise about your purchase, they’ll pretty much go with anything. The key is to find ones that don’t make you feel too frumpy and I find styling them with something more feminine such as this skort I’m wearing, quickly solves the issue. They’re just that pair of shoes that can sit in your wardrobe for years on end and never make things difficult; easy to style, easy to wear. Ever heard of the saying ‘find someone that makes love feel easy’? Brogue ankle boots are the prince charming of your wardrobe. They’ll always treat you right and as someone

who places a lot of importance on conscious fashion, this pair from Wills Vegan Shoes are the perfect candidates.

Ethically made with high quality vegan products, not only were no animals harmed but the workers have fair rights meaning no sweat shops and the material is environmentally friendly. Admittedly, the brands products aren’t cheap but there is always a story behind a low price and I would much rather pay more and have a clear conscience. Moreover, in the world that we live in, supporting a brand with a positive, concrete ethos, as this, is pretty amazing to be apart of. Isn’t it?

Vegan Black Brogue Booties C/O

Autumnal Shoot | Vendula London Cottage Winter Bag | Unique Vegan ethical Bag review by fashion blogger - Eternally Elle

* in collaboration with Vendula London.

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