Officially established in 2016 and renamed in 2018, ‘Eternally Elle’ was initially born as a hobby and part of my college fashion degree. However, over time, this has rapidly changed and developed into something much more substantial; a place where I can evoke important conversations on female empowerment and a cruelty free lifestyle.

After finishing my Textile Design degree and completing numerous internships in my field, I found myself creatively stunted and with a strong affirmation that I wanted to be my own boss. Shortly after I left university I met a wonderful man and we fell in love, resulting in relocating from my hometown in North Yorkshire, to the bustling city streets of London. Taking Eternally Elle to the forefront in summer 2018 and working as a full time content creator along side my growing business. Supporting my ambitions, my boyfriend stepped in to take photos of me as I now spend most of my time in the south. However, I still find opportunities to work with my sister and best friend when she isn’t busy with her photography studies.

Ambitious in my vision and confident with my sartorial choices, I aim to embody the liberated and empowered girls of our ‘woke’ generation. Ensuring that each and every post follows the three C’s: confidence, compassion and keeping it classy. Eternally Elle is a place to empower and inspire women to be the queen of her own life through advice on conscious living, gaining confidence and inner-strength. Where readers can learn to build a conquerors closet and make the most out of every fashion piece. With exclusive content aiming to uncover the best brands aiming to change the world. Find out the importance of veganism and realise that ethics doesn’t equal to plain and boring. Above all, where femininity doesn’t equate to fragility, and ultimately redefining what it means to be a classy woman.

Eternally Elle has a strict moral compass and welcomes collaborative opportunities, which align with it’s defining qualities, with open arms. The blog has had the pleasure of working with an abundance of special brands in many different capacities. For your opportunity to align your brand with Eternally Elle, please use the forum on the contact page.